Psychology and Email Marketing: Fomo



FOMO is so real. If you’ve never heard of this acronym before, you might have been living under a rock. FOMO, also known as the Fear of Missing Out, is something that we can all relate to. It’s the feeling that you get when your friends are throwing a party the same weekend as an important work function or the feeling you get when your friend is coming to town on the same weekend as your annual family reunion. When it comes to email marketing, FOMO is a powerful tool that oftentimes pushes customers to act fast.

A British study showed that 39% of people opened an email that warned them they might miss out if they didn’t click now. eCommerce companies have the FOMO strategy down pat. They oftentimes write in email subject lines that a special deal is “only available for one hour.” Another tactic they use is to write “only one left in stock” under items on their websites. These tactics trigger FOMO for many customers and push them to impulsively make a purchase. The same psychological tactic can be used by email marketers to capture the interest of their customers.