Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes: Being Annoying


When it comes to email marketing, it’s dangerously easy to make mistakes. Even the smallest of mistakes can cost you hundreds- if not thousands- of leads. Email marketing is a fickle industry because it relies so heavily on not just data and statistics, but on customer behavior and emotions, as well. Because of this, it’s important to present your brand strategically in your email marketing campaigns.


One of the deadliest email marketing mistakes that you could make is repeating yourself. Now, saying something twice to drill it into your customers’ heads is no big deal. However, it can become incredibly annoying and off-putting if you repeat the same information over and over again. Your email recipients are looking for fresh, new content that peaks their interests, not content that makes them hit “unsubscribe.” Annoying your customers is the worst possible thing you could do. In addition to repeating yourself, another annoying- and deadly- marketing mistake is uncertainty.


It’s crucial that your email campaigns are focused, direct, and to the point. If your content is vague, your customers will be uncertain about what message you’re trying to convey. Your email marketing campaigns should have clear call to action buttons, helpful links that will take email recipients to the exact part of your website that they need, and information that they can easily understand. Otherwise, they will lose interest in your campaign and eventually lose interest in the entire company.