Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes: Imbalance in Content


Balance is very important when it comes to email marketing. Some email marketers get much too caught up in the results of their efforts and forget just how important the actual email content is. With ineffective email marketing campaign content, you can be sure to lose both leads and paying customers. Having effective email marketing content begins with analyzing it very closely. One of the worst mistakes that email marketers make- and one that you should look out for- is imbalance in content.


In order to capture a reader’s attention, you need to have the correct balance of images, text, and white space. If your emails have too much sales information and not enough images, your email recipients will feel like they’re just being used to make a buck. On the other hand, if your content is full of images and no actual words, your company will appear lazy and uninterested in connecting with their customers. You need to use your email marketing content to carefully balance the needs of both your company and your customers.