How to Integrate Facebook Into Your Email Marketing Strategy: Link Your Facebook Account and Email Marketing Campaign


When it comes to integrating your business’ Facebook into your email marketing strategy, it sounds much for difficult than it actually is. Many business owners fear the difficulty of connecting two different marketing strategies- but they shouldn’t! There are several simple ways to integrate Facebook into your email marketing strategy. The first method is to link your business’ Facebook  account and email marketing campaigns by promoting them on the alternate platform. Here are a few practical ways to do this:

  • Add the Facebook icon to your email marketing campaigns: By placing social media logos with direct links to your business’ accounts in your email marketing campaigns, your subscribers have easy access to your Facebook account.
  • Entice your audience: When your audience feels as though they are getting a reward for performing a certain action for your company, they are much more likely to do so. For example, you could add buttons on your Facebook account that can give them easy access to your company’s newsletter if they provide their email.
  • Use the integral messages strategy: Integrated marketing is the essence of linking social media marketing and email marketing. Through integrated marketing, for example, you can give sneak peaks of your email content on your Facebook page and then prompt followers to subscribe to your email list to see the rest.