How to Integrate Facebook Into Your Email Marketing Strategy: Offer Campaigns and Contests with Rewards


There’s no doubt that integrating Facebook into your email marketing strategy will be profitable for you. But how will it benefit your audience? One thing that many marketers fail to consider is the motivation behind their campaigns. While integrating your social media marketing and email marketing campaigns will undoubtedly benefit your business, it will only do so if your audience responds well to the integration.

The best way to ensure that your audience responds well is to give them some incentive. One of the most effective incentives is a reward. You can include all of the call to action buttons that you’d like on your emails, pointing your audience towards your Facebook page, but they’re more likely to “like” it if they get something in return. That’s why it’s such a great idea to invest in email marketing campaigns and Facebook contests that reward your audience with free products, services, or gift cards if they both subscribe to your email list and follow you on Facebook.