The Best Email Marketing Services for Small Businesses: Constant Contact


Constant Contact is one of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services on the market. The company has been providing email marketing services for over 20 years. Many small businesses are attracted to Constant Contact because their platform has so many users. However, in this case, bigger does mean better. One of the most unique aspects of Constant Contact is their easy to use platform. Users can simply drag and drop content to create perfect email marketing campaigns.

When it comes to pricing, Constant Contact is in the mid-range of its competitors. They offer two main packages: Email and Email Plus. While the cost of each package depends on subscriber count, for up to 500 subscribers, the Email package starts at $20 per month and the Email Plus starts at $45 per month. Constant Contact’s Email Plus package, while a bit more expensive, is ideal for small businesses. With this package, users receive 2GB file storage, eCommerce, event marketing, coupons, subject line A/B testing, list-building tools, Facebook lead ads, customizable templates, email scheduling, apps and integrations, live support, and much more.