How Email Marketing Drives Business Success: Building Customer Relationships


The data doesn’t lie; email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing. HostPapa studies show that nearly all internet users- 94%- use email, while only about half- 61%- use social media. In fact, 75% of adult online users explicitly stated that they preferred email marketing over any other form of marketing. Despite these revealing statistics, many marketers and small business owners continue to rely on social media marketing. However, email marketing drives business success far more than social media marketing in several different ways. First, email marketing helps to build customer relationships.

Customized emails help build customer relationships because they create a personal bond between the business and the email recipient. When customers opt-in to an email subscription list, they are oftentimes also prompted to provide their first name. If customers provide even more personalized information, the business can actually tailor the content of the emails to match specific products or services that a particular customer would be interested in. When businesses pay attention to customers’ likes and dislikes, their relationships with customers become even stronger.